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Why You May Want to Consider Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

why you may ant to consider hand tied weft hair extensions

Hair extensions tied with a hand tie have several advantages over bonded hair extensions. They’re less expensive and less damaging. They are also more flexible and natural-looking. Let’s examine the reasons you might want to try these extensions for your hair.

Less expensive

Hand-tied hair extensions are more flexible than other types of hair extensions. This allows for more fine hair and less density. Furthermore, the hand-tied wefts are able to fit any shape of head without difficulty. These extensions also last up to 12 months.

Hand-tied weftshowever are more expensive than machine-tied. This is due to the fact that they take longer to complete and require more labor. They also have more expense for the stylist who installs them. Hair extensions tied by hand are typically more expensive than extensions that are taped in.

Another distinction between tape-in and hand-tied extensions for hand-tied weaves is the installation time. Hand-tied extensions take longer to set up than tape-in extensions. Hair extensions tied with a hand take two to three and a half hours to set up, whereas tape-in extensions take between one to one and a half hours.

Less damaging

Hand-tied extensions are a lighter and less damaging alternative to traditional hair extensions. They are suitable for all hair types. Hand tied extensions are less likely to harm natural hair since they are made from thin hand-tied wefts. They also allow your hair to grow naturally.

Consider the length of your hair when deciding the style to tie it with extensions. The longer your hair is, the better. You may also want to cut off between two and four inches in order to create volume. This will give your hairstyle more volume and thickness. In addition the beads can help distribute the weight of the weft evenly.

Extensions tied by hand last longer between repeated applications. They are also easier to hide once they’re growing out. Because they lay flat against the head, they are much more difficult to conceal than tape-in extensions. However, hand-tied extensions might not be suitable for women with fine hair. If you choose to opt for hand-tied extensions, you should consider the time and money that you will have to spend at the salon. Hand-tied extensions will cost more than extensions that are taped in. They range between $250-$500.


Hand-tied hair extensions are more flexible than extensions that are taped in. The hairstylist places silicone beads in the hair before tying the extensions. This eases the stress on the natural hair and scalp. In addition, hand-tied wefts are smooth and flexible.

Hand-tied wefts comprise of several hair strands, which have been cut and then hand-tied. This ensures that hair won’t fall out and is secure. Hand-tied wefts appear fuller and blend in with natural hair color. They are also flatter and thinner, laying closer to the scalp.

Hair extensions hand-tied with weft are a more affordable option. These extensions can be offered to clients who aren’t candidates for other extensions. Clients who already have hair of their own are able to be introduced to this type.

More natural-looking

A stylist attaches hand-tied weft extensions to natural hair. Before installing the hair extensions, the stylist divides hair into segments, taking small chunks at one time. The stylist then ties each section by using a silicone-lined strand, creating a base to allow for extensions.

These extensions last longer that tape-in extensions. This is due to the fact that the wefts do not have a glue that can break. The bonds used to attach extensions with tape will break after a period of eight to twelve months. Hand-tied wefts will, however, remain intact for the same time.

Hand-tied wefts can also be thinner and lighter than traditional wefts. They look more natural. They also rest flatter on the head due their thinness. Hand-tied extensions also require less weaving, which eases the load on your hair’s natural hair.